Host Coaching First Parties

Host Coaching Host Program

First Things First!

Creating a Host Packet

Give to your Hosts when they book a Party. Containing everything they need to invite people, gather outside orders and build their wish list

What to Include in Your Packet

Let’s Focus on You

Preparing for your Party

Five simple steps that help keep you on track while you prepare for your Party. Following these steps will help you have a successful Party with more sales, more bookings, and more free product for your Host!

  1. Set a Time and Date
    As soon as you book a Party, write the date on the Host Packet, in your calendar and schedule it in your online Show Assistant. Make sure to confirm the date with your Host within 24-48 hours of booking a Party.
  2. Review the Host Packet
    Double check your Host Packet to be sure everything is included from the list above. Once it’s all mailed or personally delivered to your Host, be sure you inform them that it’s on the way!
  3. Focus on Over-Inviting
    People are busy, and on any given night only about one-third of invited guests will be able to attend a party. Encourage your Host to invite at least 30-40 people.
  4. Online Orders
    Urge Hosts to include names of friends and relatives who won’t be able to attend. They can shop online for the Party and even take advantage of Guest Specials. Items will be shipped directly to them, and your Host can receive credit!
  5. Communication is Key
    People respond to different forms of communication, so if your Host invites only one way, chances are she’s missing out!

Helpful Tools

The Host Coaching Checklist

Download and use this handy Host Coaching Checklist to help keep track of everything! Available in your Start With Success guide or downloadable here